Investment Banking

Investment Banking

3C has developed an Investment Banking component to support corporations and their shareholders in generating added value through mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances, sale or internal re-structuring.


Practical Experience


A typical share swapping process involves the following stages:

 Definition of the Objectives of all Parties
 Definition of the business strategy
 Preliminary Negotiation
 Due Diligence
 Memorandum Of Understandings (MOU)
• Closing

Correct completion of the above phases ensures successful closing of deals and guarantees that all shareholders involved meet and fulfil their long term expectations. In view of this, it is advisable for the parties to obtain advice from consulting firms such as 3C with broad experience, particularly in the complex area of insurance.

3C Accompaniment

3C is able to accompany and support the parties in the capacity of strategic advisor for the following activities:

 1. Introduce the strategic ally
2. Clearly define the objectives pursued in the process
3. Determine the strategy to carry out a succesful due diligence
4. Define strategies to be followed in order to maximize the sale price based on the valuation.
5. Prepare a transaction matrix
6. Identify the position of the parties in the matrix
7. Accompany the parties in the preliminary negotiations
8. Support the necessary approach between the parties to reach an agreement 
9. Identify the components of Memorandum Of Understandings (MOU)
10. Accompany the parties during the closing of a deal

Typical process e- alliance








3C allows you to determine your company’s market price by applying the correct methodology and the thorough knowledge of the market movements that 3C Consultants have.
The result of this evaluation is the foundation on which you can decide sale processes, mergers, strategic alliances and share swapping, among others.


MBO Management Buy- Out
MBI Management Buy-In
3C provides sound, reliable support to carry out M&A processes, backed by a strategy to optimize your expectations and supporting business processes with potential investors or sellers, as well as co-ordinating the necessary step to successfully conclude the transaction.


We offer specialized financial services in structuring, assessment of and financing projects with or without the participation of multilateral, national or international companies.

Creating value 

Guidance in the analysis, design and implementation of financial strategies that enable a restatement of an optimal capital structure (capital-debt ratio) the most favourable income, expense and cost structure.

Business plans 

Specialized financial advice for the preparation of business plans by area, setting clear objectives and putting in place the measurable strategies you consider critical for your business.


Accompanying our clients in an exhaustive analysis and drawing up diagnostic reports on which to base the internal structure of your company, improving its financial health. This includes support for liability restructuring processes, establishing strategies and re-negotiating with creditors.

New Ventures

As part of our contribution to your economic development, 3C identifies and supports business projects, providing ample advice on opportunity identification and preparing business plans, evaluating both feasibility and development, as well as incentivating investment transfer and promoting sectorial involvement.

In this process we identify opportunities for transferring private capital to particularly interesting investment projects, with high economic, environmental and social value.

We gather private capital together by creating a center for information collection and dissemination, representation and reference, which helps entrepreneurial, investment and academic communities to attract, promote and develop the private capital market and thus allowing you to benefit from our service of acting as an instrument for dissemination within both national and foreign investor communities, while tirelessly seeking the development of the respective economies. 





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