Allows you to visualise the direction in which your company is heading

Make a stop along the way

To carry out a detailed examination of each and every aspect, internal or external, which may be affecting the operation of your company in a negative or positive manner.
Thanks to this assessment and the involvement of all the members of the highest level in the organization, you can identify the way forward with an Action Plan.

Define the goals of your company

The process applied by E-strategy enables your corporation to define short and long term objectives by studying the results of the previous year, the guidelines and your working environment.
To achieve the goals as planned, it is imperative to establish objectives by area. 
This will enable the entire institution to be ready to follow the way forward outlined in the Action Plan.


e-strategy is put into practice in two working days, based on teamwork with you in the workshops and plenary meetings customized for you to define the different aspects of the business plan, with the participation of staff at the highest level of your company, as well as the areas designated by senior management.

3C consultants participate actively in this process, thanks to their thorough knowledge of the business and their broad experience, making the working day more dynamic and enriching.

e-strategy guarantees:

- Clear goals and objectives to minimize uncertainty
- A rational decision making system based on facts and data
- Elimination of improvisation
- The bases to measure and control your company




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