“A manager’s challenge is how to compensate objectively”

Recognize the achievements of your employees

e-compensation is intended to generate an fair salaries culture within the corporation, based on complying with performance evaluation components and the measurement system. The purpose of this model is to provide greater salary incentives for employees who follow company guidelines and achieve results in accordance with clear instructions.

Employee welfare

e-compensation seeks to encourage the performance of employees, recognizing efficiency and effectiveness, strengthening organizational culture, promoting professional development and teamwork through personalized, objective and equitable compensation.
e-compensation establishes a win-win situation which benefits the company, its employees, shareholders and clients, striving to obtain a high performance culture of effectiveness and efficiency in all products and services. 

Recognize the achievements of your employees.

e-compensation is a methodology that measures performance and compensation, in terms of both quality and quantity, including all levels of the organization when objectives have been defined in a clear and transparent manner.

To compensate individuals in an objective and fair manner, the performance of the employee should be assessed on a regular basis, so that the company assures permanent improvement. The Compensation model set forth allows important savings in payroll costs when compared with the results obtained.

The methodology applied in e-compensation assures fairness in salaries, recognition and added value to the efforts made by everyone in your organization to obtain its goals.  



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